As well as supporting the vital outreach work of the BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION OF EGYPT (BCFE), ‘JUST BECAUSE’ are now able to support smaller local UK based charities, who provide support services for breast cancer sufferers.  ‘JUST BECAUSE’ now considers requests for donations (up to £1,000) to UK based cancer charities, who provide established wellbeing, aftercare and support services for those who need it.

This can include, for example:

    • Breast cancer care, support & well-being charities
    • Belly-dance organisations that have been created to support and improve the wellbeing of members of their community that are cancer sufferers
    • Hospitals and or hospices with a charitable trust that provide the above criteria
    • An organisation that supports the community directly, or indirectly

As there isn’t an infinite pot of money, ‘JUST BECAUSE’  has reluctantly had to draw up an exclusion list for eligability for donation from this charity.  Therefore the following types of organisation are deemed to be ineligible for consideration for a charitable donation from the JUST BECAUSE:

  • National charities, including local branches of national charities
  • Organisations or appeals that benefit a single individual
  • Organisations/charities that support medical research or pharmaceutical companies
  • Sponsorship of individuals or groups
  • Advertising and marketing appeals
  • Organisations that solely redistribute funding or provide grants to other organisations and/or individuals
  • Expeditions or overseas travel
  • Political lobbying or campaigning organisations

The charity is proposing to have two open calls each year for donation nominations which will be announced on social media.  The calls will include information about the deadlines and all submissions must be received by the deadlines specified in order to be considered.  Please consider the deadlines when completing your application especially regarding any proposed activities or events that the funding could support.

For more information, please download the nomination form & the accompanying notes  below, or CONTACT US directly for further information.