Just Because... is a registered charity aiming to raise funds to promote awareness, early detection, treatment and after-care of breast cancer for women in Egypt.

The story behind Just Because started when the original Trustees got together to raise funds to pay for breast cancer treatment for dance friend and mentor, Sara Farouk, who lives in Cairo. Bellydancers all over the UK rose to the challenge, many of whom know Sara, and raised far more than the intial cost of her treatment. A decision was made to donate the excess funds to a breast cancer charity in Egypt as there was little provision for breast cancer screening for women there. All screening and treatment is private and breast cancer treatment is expensive. Having so many bellydancers involved we felt that we should continue raising funds and actually make a difference to the lives of all women in Egypt, the home of bellydance.

Just Because aims to help our partner organisation in Egypt Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (BCFE) to promote awareness, early detection, treatment and after-care of breast cancer for those women in Egypt who are unable to fund their own treatment. Sara is now patron of Just Because and remains in close contact with the charity's activities. Living in Cairo, she is a vital link to BCFE and acts on the charity's behalf as local liaison.

As fellow dancers, students, teachers, traders and practitioners of this incredible dance you can help. There are many ways to raise funds - organise a halfa (party), a workshop, a film night, a showcase evening, make a personal donation or get friends and colleagues involved by highlighting the Just Because charity. As well as receiving your donations we would love to hear about your fund raising stories and see photos, some of which are included in our gallery.

Aims and Objectives

Breast cancer treatment in Egypt can only be accessed through private funding: we want to help those Egyptian women who have insufficient funds of their own with treatment and aftercare. As a fund-raising charity, Just Because aims to involve everyone in the international bellydance community, as individuals or groups, to support the work of the charity by promoting it and, more importantly, donating to it.